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Is Your Project In Crisis?

We know that when work does not go to plan it can be an overwhelming feeling.

Whether that’s your project stalling, a financial disagreement, or a contractual conflict – a project in crisis is always an event that is better averted.

That’s why we wanted to share some of the best ways to respond in these situations, as even the best-laid plans don’t always run smoothly…

Be Aware of the Early Signs

Vigilance is key here. If you’re working on a project, or are heading up a project, and you start to notice something may not be going in the right direction – address it straight away. You’ll find that even challenges that appear unexpectedly can have warning signs, so take notice of these, if you don’t, the consequences could have lasting impacts on both the project and your business’ reputation.

Identify the Root Cause

Once you gain an understanding of what has happened within your project – it’s essential for you to identify the root cause. Not only so you can resolve this issue, but so you can also ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

After the cause has been identified, you’ll be able to prevent it from effecting the project further. Consequently, making it easier for you to repair the damage and get your team back on track.

Develop a ‘Plan of Action’

‘Expect the best, prepare for the worst’ is what we like to say here. Although you may have every confidence in your team, external sources and unexpected occurrences can have a huge impact on your project. Developing a plan of action with your team means that whilst the project may be in crisis – you have a clear way of handling it that both you and your colleagues are aware of. Which leads us on to…


There is no doubt that communicating with your team is the best way to optimise coordination and remain involved with your colleagues.

Being open, honest, and receptive effectively diminishes any uncertainty – keeping everyone well-informed and included in an ongoing conversation.

Stay Calm

We know – easier said than done.

However, staying optimistic in a time of crisis is not only going to benefit you, but your team too. Panic does nothing for anyone and will exacerbate you in an already stressful time.

If you find that the issue has become overwhelming, you can contact us by clicking here for a bit of extra guidance using a 15-Minute Free Trial of our Support Service.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Yes, this is an idiom – but it’s true! It’s always best to prevent a crisis when you first notice it arising.

A ‘crisis’ can appear in many different forms, in many different projects – but that’s no reason to feel disheartened.

We know that rescuing a project is sometimes like starting a new one depending on your circumstances, which is why our Building Project Resolution Service specialises in taking projects in crisis and getting them back on track.

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