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What Is A Project Appraisal?

So, you’ve decided to begin a building project – what happens first?

A project appraisal is essentially the process of assessing the viability of your project or proposal, by speaking with experienced professionals to gain more of an understanding of the needs your project will entail. It prepares you for what to expect and aims to address any questions you need answered before you start to make sure you’re completely prepared.

We know that beginning a building project of any size can be daunting sometimes. There’s a lot to think about; who should I talk to first? Do I need planning permission? Do I need a Party Wall agreement? Are there any hidden or unknown costs? Will I be liable under health and safety regulations if anything goes wrong?

It can be a nerve-wracking process, and all these questions need answering before undertaking any work - so making sure you have all the information you need available to you is a necessity. It can also be overwhelming gaining the opinions of multiple parties. That’s where our Project Appraisal Service comes in.

How does your service work?

Our Project Appraisal Service is designed to enable you to approach a project with all the knowledge and expertise you need, to ensure you feel confident and capable in your abilities to deliver the best results for your client before you even appoint a designer to start the process.

You’ll be able to ask us questions about elements of the project you’re unsure about, giving you the time and space to form a better understanding moving forward.

As it’s a desktop study, this service is completely remote and doesn’t require a site visit – this means that you’ll receive information in a timely, hassle-free manor.

After talking things through with us and having your project appraised, you’ll then be able to appoint a designer to move forward with you and turn your vision into a reality, alongside the information we’ve supplied you with to give you a clear understanding of everything you need to know.

How much does it cost?

The cost of our Project Appraisal Service is £349 + VAT as a stand-alone service, however it’s worth noting that it’s also included within our Support Service. This service provides you with ad-hoc advice and guidance, alongside legal opinions for any project you’re currently working on. It’s based on a monthly fee, and gives you access to a wide range of solution-focused information.

You can find out more about our services by clicking here.

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