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What To Consider When Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home is one of the most exciting prospects in life, so we want you to make sure you do it right.

Designing your extension or refurbishment with the help of chartered professionals allows you to explore different options that may not have been thought about before. Here at Dacegrade, we can provide support and navigation making the whole process exciting and stress-free for you, whilst making your vision become a reality.

To help give you all some inspiration, we have created a blog with some things to consider when renovating your home.

Before starting the process of an extension or refurbishment, there are many things to consider… we are going to run you through them now!

Firstly, you need to consider whether you’re in your forever home and you want to maximise the space or if this is a short-term fix until you want to move again. Either way, it is important to always be thinking about the potential financial return on investments. Extending your home is going to add value, but it is our job to help you understand the different ways in which it could reach its full potential.

Secondly, you need to be clear about a budget. Outlining a budget before starting will guarantee there will be no disappointments further down the architectural design process. Once the expenditure is agreed upon, we can help to make your visions into something realistic. Time is a huge factor within the construction project process…so, remember to be patient but start planning ahead of time. One hugely beneficial tip is working out when you want the construction process to be over, for example, do you want the works to be over by the Christmas period? If the answer is yes… you will need to work back from that date to ensure you have given yourself time, you don’t want to rush a project which should be full of excitement!

Here at Dacegrade, we can advise you on timescales, helping you understand the process a little bit more clearly!

Open-plan spaces

Open plan living delivers a modern and sleek twist to the kitchen/living area, while increasing light, bringing a social aspect in, and increasing the home value.

A kitchen is the hub spot of any home bringing people and families together, which allows rooms to flow together creating one stunning new focal point for the home.

Open plan living is a popular addition in many modern homes now and often used to create a kitchen/dining room/living area, which creates the perfect space for fitted storage to be added in with AV to go along with it, utilising space and making it somewhere everyone in the home wishes to use.

Natural light

Natural lighting is such an important factor to consider when designing your dream home. Natural lighting can affect the whole mood of a home and often when people buy a new home, they want to make changes to the lighting and window placement. When extending, this gives you the perfect opportunity to make those modifications you have always dreamed of.

Natural light creates the mood and atmosphere of your home so, if you’re living in a dark home, naturally your mood will decrease with it. We always love adding in calculated quantities of glass to allow for as much light as possible to come flooding into the home, however, this has to be carefully balanced with thermal efficiency. The correct positioning of windows and a well-balanced area of glass ultimately brings up your mood as well as making your home a much more inviting space to spend time in.

Bi-fold doors allow for an easy transition into the garden/outdoor seating area, once again emphasising the social aspect of architectural design.

All the lighting solutions mentioned above are modern, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing but do need to be decided at the beginning of the renovation process, but with our expertise we will be able to guide you, leaving you the perfect solution for your new home to meet your exact needs and requirements.

Loft extensions

People always think about working outwards with an extension project, but why not work upwards?

Working upwards is not unique, but it can sometimes be easier from a planning permission perspective. Loft extensions are a desirable attribute to have in a home while carrying a wealth of functionality alongside them. This feature can be utilised in multiple different ways creating rooms, bathrooms, storage, and cinema rooms just to name a few ideas of what can be achieved with a loft conversion.

Depending on the location and your needs, there are different styles of loft extensions to suit all. Dormer Conversions create a new room in your home, but a small extension is added, creating a large space for glazing, providing more room for floor space and natural light. This is the perfect option if you have a stunning view to look out over.

Roof window conversions are ideal if you’re unable to change the shape of your home but looking for an increase in rooms and storage solutions. A roof window conversion utilises the shape of the current loft, in this instance sufficient space in the existing structure is a deciding factor.

Our Service: Project. Design. Delivery.

Once we’ve designed the perfect space for you, we’ll take care of the planning process for you, we will produce detailed construction drawings and take care of obtaining Building Regulation approval and all other statutory consents. We can then recommend a list of appropriate contractors to build it. We will then manage the tendering process for you and be on hand throughout the whole process to help manage the project and cost control and make sure the construction team are on track with progress.

Get in contact today if you’re looking at building your dream extension or refurbishment. We would love to help be a part of the process to make your visions become a reality.

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